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Why We Launcehd Polarity Therapy Online


© 2007 Richard Chandler, PTP
All Rights Reserved, Worldwide

My life partner, Bonnett Chandler and I have launched a new website, www.PolarityTherapyOnline.com, as a new venue for spreading the message of Polarity Therapy, while gaining greater exposure for APTA and our ENERGY and International Energy Currents publications as well as the authors of the articles within our publications.

The full name of the website is “Polarity Therapy Online - News, Views & Articles by Polarity Practitioners Worldwide” and underneath that is: "Your Contributions Welcomed!"

Lets start with articles. When a new television program or series is produced, its first run on primetime is often the briefest part of the life of the program. Between re-runs on network stations, cable, videos and DVD’s, the exposure and profitability of the show can be sustained for years and years into the future.

Rebroadcasts of shows run on a multitude of cable stations all over the world, and are frequently broadcasted with the dialogue translated into the local language. Because of the decentralized nature of cable television, individual stations and cable broadcasters can run a show as long as there is an audience for it. Therefore, the lengths of these runtimes have no fixed ending time.

In much the same way, articles written for ENERGY from all of the years of its existence might also be resurrected and find new audiences from around the world and reach new people, thereby spreading Dr. Stone’s legacy while educating many more people about what we do and how it may be helpful for restoring health and wellbeing.

During and after my year as editor of ENERGY, the Swiss and German Polarity associations translated several articles for inclusion in their own publications. Even for articles that were written some time ago, dissemination of past Polarity Therapy information could continue to benefit readers and authors alike by being published in a multitude of formats far into the future.

Over the many years of ENERGY’s publication, the authors of articles appearing in ENERGY have been free to reprint their articles or have them released in other publications, as they see fit, to help promote their practices and allow their articles’ contents to inspire and inform the larger world beyond the APTA membership.

If you as the author have written something in the past that was published in ENERGY, or any other publication that does not prohibit you from reprinting your own words, please send it to us and we will publish it on Polarity Therapy Online. Of course, there will be links back to your own website within your article and if you wish, your full contact information will be displayed. In addition, if your article first appeared in ENERGY or any other APTA publication, we will also provide a link back to our APTA website.

A second feature of Polarity Therapy Online is news. If you have read my letters from and to the editor over the last several issues of ENERGY, you know that my main concern for us as APTA members is the need for more specific, timely and comprehensive news regarding the doings of our association.

A pillar of a free society is a free press. Having a plurality of information sources enhances the dissemination of information, viewpoints and exposure. Because of cross-linking back and forth between the websites of Polarity schools, individual Polarity practitioners, Polarity associations around the world, the APTA website and making reference to ENERGY and International Energy Currents, the net result will be access to much more Polarity Therapy information, news and commentary than has ever existed. For me, this is very exciting for our profession and for APTA.

Polarity Therapy Online will also be a place for commentary on all things Polarity. It will be a place to post diverse viewpoints, ideas, opinions and visions for Polarity Therapy into the future.

As editors, Bonnett and I will make sure that when publishing more passionately held opinions, we will exercise editorial influence, if needed, so opinions are based on accurate information and are presented with restraint so the rhetoric is about issues, policies and direction and not personal attacks on anyone within our Polarity Therapy community.

As you visit www.PolarityTherapyOnline.com, you will notice that we have allowed Google to display ads on our site and we have placed a Google search-bar on the site. Doing so helps defray some of the costs to us of building, maintaining, updating and hosting the site.

We are hoping you will appreciate the quality, and over time, the large quantity of content about Polarity Therapy. We welcome your Polarity news, events, announcements, commentary and articles. Please send it to mail@polaritytherapyonline.com and we will publish it. Help spread Dr. Stone’s legacy to the world!

Richard Chandler, PTP, CA, LMT is in his 17th year as a fulltime practitioner and yoga teacher, who along with Bonnett Chandler, a masters level Reiki practitioner, own and operate AcuPolarity Wellness Center, AgeLess Yoga and IntegraLife Publishing & Consulting. He may be reached at mail@polaritytherapyonline.com.


Polarity Therapy Online
News, Views & Articles
by Polarity Practitioners Worldwide

"Your Contributions Welcomed!"
"Richard Chandler, PTP, CA, LMT, Editor"
Richard Chandler, PTP, CA, LMT
(Polarity Therapy Professional,
Certified Acupressurist, Licensed Massage Therapist
was an editor of Energy - Newsletter of the American Polarity Therapy Association in 2005 & 2006

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