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The Why In The Road - Book Review

© 2006 Review of this book by John Chitty, RPP

[This Review was originally published in ENERGY –
Newsletter of the American Polarity Therapy Association]

The Why in the Road by Katharina Wehrli
Earthlit Press, Wayland, MA, 2005. 267 pages, $18.95

This is a provocative and mind-expansive view of cosmology and personal growth based on the author’s system called “Soul Healing.” It deserves careful consideration by Polarity Therapy practitioners as it discusses many esoteric dimensions involved in an energy therapy practice, and will be of great interest to Polarity practitioners wanting to explore the invisible world.

Katharina Werhli is an APTA member and obviously well-versed in esoteric ideas. The basic cosmology of the book, the “Journey of the Soul,” is largely recognizable as consistent with Polarity theory, with some unique aspects, but she goes on to a much wider perspective than is commonly recognized within the main esoteric body of Dr. Stone’s recorded views.

The first section of the books lays out a general view of the big picture: What is the soul, and why are we on earth? This account reflects the wisdom of yogic mysticism, particularly the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, and feels strongly compatible with what Dr. Stone has written but with much more detail.

In the second section, we hear about the “ages of humanity.” These are extremely long epochs of human history, as envisioned by a Vedic astrologer and other mystics. We are on the cusp of the ages of Pisces and Aquarius, and deeply in the longer “iron age” yuga. This account is very readable and understandable, useful for those new to these ideas as well as for those who are already more versed in them.

The final section discusses therapy from a soul awareness approach. The author does not give much in the way of details beyond the power of the concept itself and hints of self-empowerment affirmations, self-hypnosis and related ideas. The idea seems to be that awareness of a much bigger picture puts life’s stresses and behavioral problems in a larger context and yields therapeutic benefit.

The author speaks in a very definitive tone, seemingly reporting details of the occult invisible world from first-hand experience. At first this was an issue for me, but the tone is consistent and sincere and plays out well over the course of the whole book.

All in all, this is a great companion to Polarity Therapy, giving a wealth of information that is perhaps not easy to find within the rest of the Polarity literature.


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