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www.PolarityNetwork.com   This is Phil Young's new resource for Polarity Practitioners and all people that may have an interest in Polarity Therapy.

www.famousQuotesHomepage.comThis site features a continual stream of insightful and uplifting quotations, updated most every day. Gain fresh inspiration and wisdom as you do your Google searches from here, made easier for you, with the large Google search bar. Owned by Richard Chandler and Bonnett Chandler, IntegraLife Publishing.

www.polaritytherapy.org American Polarity Therapy Association

www.ukpta.org.uk United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association

www.terapiadepolaridad.org.es Spain Polarity Therapy Association

www.polarityverband.ch Switzerland Polarity Therapy Association

www.polarity-austria.at Austria Polarity Therapy Association

www.polarity-verband.de Germany Polarity Therapy Association

www.agelessyoga.com owned by Richard Chandler, PTP (past editor of APTA's ENERGY newsletter) and Bonnett Chandler

www.biosonics.com owned by John Beaulieu, Ph.d, ND (past President of APTA) and Thea Beaulieu

www.energyschool.com owned by John Chitty, RPP (past President of APTA) & Anna Chitty, RPP

www.holisticdirect.com a natural health portal with great information and links

www.integralife.com owned by Richard Chandler, PTP (past editor of APTA's ENERGY newsletter) and Bonnett Chandler

www.masterworksinternational.com owned by Phil Young, RPP (past President of APTA) and Morag Campbell, RPP

www.StCloudMassage.com owned by Richard Chandler, PTP (past editor of APTA's ENERGY newsletter) and Bonnett Chandler

hometown.aol.com/twofivestars/myhomepage owned by Ann Watters, LMT#4867,RPP

www.polarityhealthcare.com  This site is owned by Randall Gibson, M.Ed., LMT, RPP, CST

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