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Energy & Consciousness

  © 2006 Katharina Wehrli, MA, CAGS, RPP
All Rights Reserved Worldwide 

In my practice I wondered why many clients did not seem to improve, despite energy exercises, bodywork, psychological counseling, and spiritual practice. Eventually it became clear to me that the answer was found in the mindset with which we were approaching healing and wholeness, not in the specific methods themselves.

The first thing that struck me was that people seemed to be at a loss, due to their negative psychological conditioning. They simply did not know how to purge outdated behavior and beliefs from their repertoire. When I focused on why my clients attracted their particular situations, a new dynamic emerged. With this shift, things became truly exciting.

The main theme of this writing revolves around evolution in the context of human consciousness. To help make this article more easily understood, I will elaborate on the concept of the soul and its journey of reincarnation through many lifetimes.

This elaboration is based on my intuitive grasp of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings, which I apply in my work along with consciousness transforming dynamics. It goes hand in hand with the energy system used in Polarity Therapy.

Doctor Stone emphasized the astrological birth-chart as a roadmap in the energy process. In the past decade I worked on fine-tuning my understanding and healing skills with this asset. Even so, I intuitively knew that there still was more to it. I sensed that the center within each person from where the driving force originates is the soul.

But how is it possible to know the soul? Eventually I found my teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green, who taught me the astrological skills to comprehend the soul. I learned how the birth-chart reveals, in a highly individual manner, each soul’s evolutionary intentions for any given life. This timely perspective restructured the foundation of my practice.

I began to attract more clients who were willing to change some of their primary outlook on life from within their own psyche. Their question was no longer “Why is this happening to me?” Instead they empowered themselves to ask: “How may I have created this situation?”

My role became that of a roadside sign, pointing out their soul’s way through its specific desires, conditioning, and resistance to change. By understanding the past and acknowledging the future, these people became more fully present. They began to embrace change as the actualizing process of their deepest life intentions.

The motivating power for all impulses and actions originates from the soul. The soul is not the body, mind, or emotional content, but rather the consciousness that gives rise to all of them. It is the core, the energetic entity that merely changes form. Within one life we undergo many changes. Hopefully we also evolve our consciousness through wisdom. After death the soul prevails in the astral realms. At some point when the conditions are right, it takes on human life in another body. This process continues until all desires for earthly experiences are fulfilled. Then the sole prevailing desire is to know and be one with the Source.

The situation the soul chooses to be born into is predetermined by the circumstances of the last life. Consequently there are no victims, only choices. Although not conscious of it, memory of the past prevails. Because it makes us feel secure, we cherish and perpetuate what we know. This can become a major roadblock. It is the reason why good things or situations we intend to draw into our lives often do not manifest. The resistance to change is normal, but it prevents further growth.

Because the soul desires to evolve toward its ultimate goal ­­– enlightenment – its evolutionary pull in the end always wins. Whether it does so gradually and gently or by cataclysm depends on the amount of resistance. Evolution is the inherent pull and supplication of life toward advancement. By removing resistance and aligning ourselves with natural directives, change can take place without cataclysms.

As I proceeded more successfully in my work, it became clear that the same patterns appeared with different people. Those clients who were open and receptive to letting go of past conditioning benefited to a larger degree than they imagined.

The important point was to recognize that the soul’s intentions were not only highly individual, but also conditioned by collective issues. For a comprehensive view we need to further examine the evolution of human consciousness within the collective framework of time and space. This will supply the metaphysical reasons for the current changes on the planet. It will also demonstrate how to cope by purging outdated syndromes and negative conditioning patterns from our energy system.

According to the galactic astrologer Swami Sri Yukteswar human evolution takes place in cycles of expansion and contraction. He called this fluctuation the ‘Great Galactic Cycle’. Its dynamics are also very compatible with the energy schemes of Polarity Therapy. Over an immense time span spiritual wisdom through inner soul awareness alternates with narrowness of perception.

The latter has now resulted in massive environmental, economic, political, and personal imbalance. During the cycle’s contractive phase human consciousness focused almost exclusively on the manifested aspects of existence. This caused attachment, greed, need for control, and manipulation.

This is the underlying reason for the simultaneous lack of and demand for healing on the planet at this point in time. The good news is that the ‘Great Galactic Cycle’ has once more begun its expansive phase. Signs are growing for interest in spirituality, research in mind/body connection, and quantum physics.

According to Yukteswar the ‘Great Galactic Cycle’ consists of an implied motion by which the sun approaches and separates from a ‘Grand Center’. This is the seat of the creative power and subtle, universal electromagnetism. Here cosmic energy is tuned to the specifications that allow evolution of the manifested creation in this subsection of space to proceed.

The ‘Grand Center’ exists on an astral and causal level but cannot be verified on the material plane. Perhaps we could best describe this ‘Grand Center’ in proximity to our solar system as a subtle relay station of the ultimate power and supreme intelligence that governs all life.

The psycho-spiritual dynamics of human beings change with the Great Galactic Cycle’s fluctuations. As our solar system approaches the Grand Center human consciousness expands; with separation it constricts. During the expansive phase of the cycle the collective implications translate into a sense of connectedness and unity, which can be compared with the energy qualities of sattva. The contractive phase predominantly brings tamas aspects to the surface, and the two transitional phases are characterized by rajas.

In this context we can also see the intense acceleration currently felt in all aspects of modern life. The rapidly changing nature of reality reflects the fact that we have just begun the transitional phase within the Great Galactic Cycle’s motion.

In order to explain this in a more graspable manner we need to go back to another time. It was a time when all roles within society were valued equally. Therefore, all members were equal in status as well.

Such models of social order allowed for balance, mutual respect, justice, and shared responsibility in the well-being of all. What is more, these societies regarded the entire creation as equally relevant and sacred.

Through specific rituals pubescent members of the tribe were initiated into adulthood. This had a very distinct effect in that it allowed the young adults to mature emotionally. Such rites also created opportunities to build courage. Through experiencing and mastering their fears the adolescent members of the tribe grew emotionally independent. They learned how to derive their sense of security from within themselves.

Then a shift occurred during which the main motion of social evolution gravitated toward individuation. While moving away from a sense of coherence and connectedness, the experience of separation was augmented in all aspects of life. Actions related to the intellect were now considered superior to actions associated with the emotions. While rational thinking brought much progress in many areas of life, it eventually crowded out intuition along with the feeling of wholeness. The heightened sense of isolation triggered the primal anxiety of separation from the womb each human being encounters at birth. Although individuation equaled progress, the specific ways in which this occurred resulted in a loss of nurturing, emotional cohesiveness, and inner security.

Because rational thought views and processes everything by being apart from it, this mental mode of operation was consistent with the sense of separation that was fostered and progressively mirrored in all areas of life. Most rites of passage lost their communal sense of belonging and organic wholeness.

This psychological syndrome also brought about disrespect for the environment and life in general. People were no longer allowed to live according to their true nature. They began to suppress a part of their being. The ensuing trauma further augmented alienation. After abandoning their inherent impulses, these people became increasingly more susceptible to the negative emotions of fear, anger, or sadness and despair. This enforced the twisted psychology of victimization, blame, futility, manipulation, and punishment. The resulting confusion served to feed the hungry beasts of power, control, greed, and exploitation.

Because of the transitional phase of Great Galactic Cycle’s motion, it is now possible to become fully conscious of these dynamics, and to step out onto fresh and healthier ground. When the natural principles of caring and respect for all life are embraced once more the process of reintegrating a felt sense of interrelatedness can occur.

Individuation in tandem with assimilation of pertinent ritualistic components moves evolution past trauma and fragmentation. Over time our innate sense of unity can develop most beneficially in the direction it intends. Thus a new mold of positive habits emerges. These habits help us to love, seek, and respect life. One by one we may find these qualities increasingly reflected in our environment as well.

Katharina Wehrli, MA, CAGS, RPP is also the author of:
The Why in the Road – Soul Healing for Changing Times.

For more information please visit www.earthlit.com.



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