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Creative Nutrition
"A Polarity Therapy Approach"



© 2006 John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide 

Part I: Awareness

Imagine being so attuned to yourself that you know exactly what foods to eat. Rather than consulting a book or an expert on “right eating” you could tune into yourself for the answer. Knowing which foods to eat is an art based on our inner ability to know what is good for us. Through knowing ourselves we become culinary artists using different foods like a painter with a palate of colors. Our meals become inspired works of art filled with special energy.

For example, when you wake up in the morning ask yourself, “What would be a good breakfast for a successful completion of my day?” Perhaps you have to take a train to work and meet with people or maybe you are in the mountains looking forward to a day of relaxation. Different types of days require different foods. Perhaps a workday would require more grains where as a day in the mountains would require more fruit. The only one who really knows is you.

The ability to tune into ourselves and know what to eat is a fundamental principle of Polarity Therapy. Knowing what to eat is a function of our life goals, and our daily activities in pursuit of those goals. We can learn to tune into and sense the effects of different foods on ourselves. The direction of our life must be in alignment with our individual spirit. When our thoughts, goals, and actions in the world are incongruent with our spirit the result is mental, emotional, and physical dis-ease. Within this context nutrition can be used as a form of nurturing and healing to help realign our lives to spirit.

As our life moves away from spirit we gradually lose our ability to know our nutritional needs. Either we indiscriminately eat anything or we rely on other people’s rules and opinions about eating. The result is a mechanistic and rigid “right approach” to eating. Rigid approaches to eating can be recognized by fear. For example, when I first experimented with vegetarian eating, my parents kept saying that if I didn’t eat meat I would die. Simultaneously, my vegetarian friends kept saying that if I did eat meat I would die.

Polarity Nutrition is an art involving self-awareness, cleansing, and eating. Each step interacts in a holistic way to create and refine our inner guidance system of selecting and eating foods. Although we can individually examine each step, it must be remembered that it is a whole process. Self-awareness is the first and most often overlooked step in Polarity nutrition. Self-awareness involves the consciousness placing of our intention on the foods we are planning to eat. Saying grace before eating is a wonderful practice of awareness. During grace we become aware of and acknowledge the food. I often recommend a moment of silence before eating. During this time allow the energy of the food to enter your awareness and prepare yourself to receive its benefits.

The opposite of awareness is the all too common practice of “eating on the run.” This type of eating is appropriately called “fast food” because it is rapidly cooked and eaten. There is a hot dog stand at Bellevue Platz in Zurich where busy workers rush up and expect to be served as quickly as possible. They then stand at a table and gulp their food down. Within minutes they are gone and another person takes their place.

Eating without awareness is a major contributor to the afflictions of modern society. We need to slow down in order to properly digest food. Improperly digested food accumulates in our colon, putrefies, and creates toxins, which can lead to mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. These may include mood shifts, joint pains, constipation, diarrhea, body aches, nausea, gas, belching, bad breath, headaches, and fatigue. If these symptoms are ignored they can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcers, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and sugar disorders including diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Recent research supports empirical observations that the gastrointestinal system is connected to the brain and that there is a link between human emotional states and gastrointestinal problems. Whorwell, a British scientist, used hypnosis to study the effects of emotions on body functions. In his study colon movement was measured in 18 patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. While under hypnosis they were told to think of an incident that made them feel happy, excited, or angry. It was shown that anger and excitement over-stimulated colon movement whereas happiness reduced and balanced colon movement.

Polarity nutrition always begins with awareness. Sometimes we forget the basic rhythms of life, the gift of our food, and savoring the joy of a good meal. We need a time of silence and centering where we allow our emotions to settle and our body space to move into the natural rhythms of digestion.

Continued with Part II - Cleansing



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