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Creative Nutrition
“A Polarity Therapy Approach”

© 2006 John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide 

Part II: Cleansing

The next step in creative Polarity nutrition is cleansing. Cleansing is what it implies, cleaning ourselves out. By eating fast, improper digestion leads to toxins accumulating in our bodies. From time to time we need to slow down and give ourselves an internal bath. As the toxins dissolve and are eliminated from our bodies we can better determine what foods are good for us. Imagine toxins as dirt on the windshield of your automobile. Sooner or later you have to slow down and clean the windshield to see where you are going.

Cleansing can be done in many different ways. The best way to cleanse is through the use of raw fruits and vegetables rich in natural minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The late Dr. Max Bircher-Benner of the Bircher-Benner clinic believed that eating raw foods passed a special energy from the Sun directly into our bodies. The result was increased wellbeing and a cleansing effect stimulated by enzymes.

A cleansing diet consists of eating only fresh fruit and vegetables for one to seven days. This should be a gradual process. Visualize a rising continuum of foods beginning with meat, and going to fowl, fish, dairy products, grains, vegetables, fruit, and water at the highest. Depending on where you are on the continuum, begin by eliminating that category. For example, you may begin by eliminating in three-day periods until the cleansing diet is reached. For example begin by eliminating meat, chicken, and fish, over a three-day period, next dairy products for three days, and than grains and cooked vegetables for three days.

The cleansing effect is best obtained by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed oils can be used for the salads. The best salad dressing is cold-pressed olive oil, lemon, and garlic. My favorite salad, which I call the intestinal broom, consists of shredded cabbage, carrots, and beets. The only rule for food cleansing is to stick with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can combine them in many different and creative ways.

Another important form of cleansing is colon cleansing. Our colon has a natural digestive rhythm called peristalsis. When our life speeds up to the point where we forget to eat and/or eat to quickly or at odd intervals, the natural rhythms of the colon can become erratic and fast or sluggish. The result is poorly digested food and the formation of small pockets in the intestine, which hold fecal matter. Over time the fecal matter adheres to the colon wall and hardens. The result is poor absorption of nutrients and colon problems.

It is important to systematically cleanse our colons. The best method for colon cleansing is the use of psyllium seed husks. Psyllium is a natural herb, that when ingested absorbs moisture and expands in our colon. The effect is like soaking a dirty pan in water overnight. Psyllium is safe to use and has been shown to lower cholesterol and help normalize blood pressure. When taking psyllium, it is important to remember to drink lots of water, since its effect is dependent upon holding moisture.

Adding different substances to psyllium can intensify its cleansing effect, and can have a direct action on the colon. Some of my favorites substances are digestive enzymes, bentonite, aloe vera, and black walnut. Digestive enzymes break down undigested food. Benotinie is a form of volcanic ash, which creates a drawing effect causing hardened fecal matter to loosen. Black walnut taken in tincture form creates an uninhabitable environment for parasites and worms.

I recommend that clients begin colon cleansing by taking one teaspoon of psyllium in the morning approximately 15 minutes before eating. The psyllium should be mixed in 4-6oz of apple juice and consumed quickly. If you want to find out how it holds moisture just leave it in the glass for five minutes. It will swell, hold tightly to the side of the glass, and become spongy, which is exactly what it does in your colon.

Continued with Part III - The Five Elements



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