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News from our Inaugural IPEA Gathering & the Meeting Notes

2010 International Polarity Education Alliance Gathering Travelogue, Part I:
by Richard Chandler with help from Karen Kerns.

Sky Lake Shambahala Center front   Sky Lake View
Sky lake Shambhala Center of New York
View from Sky lake Shambhala Center

I had a good flight from Minnesota on a smaller airplane, arriving late in the evening Thursday, the 11th. After staying overnight, I used the rental car to pick up Karen Kerns, from Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Albany, New York airport. We then had a delicious salmon meal for lunch along with a pint of Blue Moon for Karen and I had a pint of ‘the beer with a bite’, a dark beer named “Snake-dog.”

After lunch, we had a just under two hour drive into the beautiful Catskill Mountains, where we drove through rolling hills, as well as small mountains, with the trees in full fall colors. This beauty increased once we were very close to arriving, with the long drive up the enormous hill, (or perhaps a small mountain). It was lined with a beautiful assortment of hardwood trees, including ones in full, fall red, orange and yellow colors, as well as many very large pine trees. There was exposed rock along the road, and there were huge boulders as well, with some looking almost like they were deliberately and esthetically set in place, as if an artistic arrangement had been expressed with objects of nature, by giants.

Sky Lake Lodge Shambhala Center was well designed and welcoming, with its rustic wooden exterior and simply and tasteful Tibetan Buddhist décor within. Workshops were held in the larger Meditation Hall Shrine Room, which was spaciously constructed with a great many windows on three sides, so nature was present to us as we participated in the workshops. As overnight guests, many of us stayed upstairs while others stayed in local motels or commuted.

Old friends from past Polarity conferences greeted each other warmly and caught up with each other. I visited with many people that I hadn’t seen for years and it felt great to once again see them in person. Phil introduced the gathering, welcoming everyone and letting us know briefly know of how the workshop came about. He then invited Rose Kalsa to lead an opening ceremony. She started with her drum, calling in the spirits of the land and the spirits from the Four Directions, with Native American chanting, drumming and smudging with Sage. She was assisted by Darrell Brann on Native American Flute.

Most of what we did the first evening was share our collective intent for the gathering with each other, which included going around the circle with each person saying their name, where they were from, and tell us about their journey with Polarity Therapy, including homage to their teachers and how they used Polarity in their personal and professional lives.

From the time of our first Friday evening meal, very tasty and nutritious vegetarian food was served throughout the gathering. It was glutton-free and also included a vegan version for those who were sensitive to dairy.

Phil began the day early, leading energy exercises including Polarity Yoga and Tai Chi beginning well before the 8:15 am breakfast. I attended the last half and really enjoyed shouting out those “Ha Breaths” while in Pyramid Pose. Shortly after 9:00 am we heard Phil’s lecture on the missing part from “The Secret.” He had many historical things to share with us about the early history of manifestation thinking in the USA and Europe as well as how it related with the formation of Polarity Therapy.

He also brought a strong acknowledgement of Pierre Pannetier, ND and Harlan Tarbell, illustrator and stage magician, into his presentation, telling us how extremely important their role was in establishing Polarity Therapy. Phil shared stories with us that made it evident that we as practitioners may not even have been exposed to Polarity Therapy if Mr. Pannetier and Harlan had not been associates of Dr. Stone. Harlan was a well known stage magician of the time who also had an extensive background in esoteric knowledge and the healing arts.

Workshops very well attended, and took place one-at-a-time, so I wasn’t torn about which one to attend. In addition, it was interesting to have a gathering in which most everyone’s experience of our time together was much the same. It felt like we truly shared a common experience with each other, creating a stronger bond with all the participants than had been the case in my past conferences. The number of participants expanded during the daytime, with almost 40 people attending on Saturday.

My workshop was next, from 11:00 am – 1:00. The intent of my workshop was to share how to build a fulltime practice by working with the most common conditions, and not to give them the details of the techniques used, but only the basic exposure to the technique. Therefore, I had to go at breakneck speed to get through all of the material. I was pleased with the feedback from participants, and also happy that several of the people I demonstrated the techniques on actually felt some improvement. Suellen joked to her student Bonnie, who just completed her APP, that after the 2 hours were up she now had most all she needed to know for the RPP designation. Phil said that my "delivery was at Hyper-speed."

After lunch, Rose introduced her topic on the deck overlooking the water of Sky Lake Lodge. It was very warm and pleasant outside and a real treat to listen and breathe the fresh autumn air. After moving inside, we eventually paired up and worked on with the perineal protocols and their relationship with cranial work. A number of people found the work very deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Over and over again I people said the same thing to me and to each other: “This feels like my very first Polarity conference!”

Part II scheduled to be posted in a week or two.

* * * * * 

Over the years, as APTA ignored the dissenting opinion of many members, (a good many of whom are now former members), an email discussion group moderated by Phil Young, PTP, stayed in touch with each other to support our quest to deepen our knowledge and of Polarity Therapy principles as an integral part of our teaching, counseling and bodywork practices.

Through Phil’s leadership and dedicated work, a new entity has arisen. The International Polarity Education Alliance is pleased to offer new educational opportunities, our first conference on November 12th, 13th & 14th in upstate New York, (includes photos, audio our meeting and more), and a permanent designation to acknowledge your education and dedication to Polarity Therapy practice. Unlike the RPP and APP designations offered by APTA and the UK association, you are not required to belong to any particular Polarity Therapy association on an ongoing basis to use the PTP, ‘Polarity Therapy Professional’ and the EPP, ‘Energy Principles Practitioner’ designations.

Please check out the IPEA website as well as the Polarity Therapy Network to connect with an international group of Polarity Therapy practitioners and educators.

We are also very enthused to have you visit Phil Young’s Polarity Network! In our view, membership in this Polarity community will provide polarity therapy practitioners with more usable and helpful resources and community than is currently the case with the current USA-based Polarity therapy association. Please take the guided tour of the site, bearing in mind that the tour, (but not the site itself), will take a few minutes to load. With that in mind, you may wish to open a new web browser for the guided tour. Here it is:    Enjoy!

Dr. Randolph Stone
Dr. Randolph Stone  

The overall intent of Polarity Therapy Online is to provide a wealth of articles, reviews, news, views, (and even rants!), about Polarity Therapy. In the spirit of spreading the healing legacy of Dr. Stone to the world, we hope you will find continual inspiration, education, news and connections to others within this site.

We invite submissions from everyone and hope members of Polarity Therapy associations from around the world, including their board members, will share what is happening in Polarity Therapy with all who come to this website. If you have written an article about Polarity Therapy, have some news, have an opinion or a story about how Polarity touched your life, please share it with us. Article copyright remains with you as the author of the article.

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All the best, Richard Chandler, PTP Polarity Therapy Professional & Editor
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